Raffles the amateur cracksman

Raffles the amateur cracksman - Holland as Captain Bedford. Television

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Grosvenor House Publishing Limited. Thorp Publishing. Raffles is famous gentleman cricketer marvellous spin bowler who often invited to social events that would be out his reach otherwise. A. Thus while the prehiatus Sherlock Holmes stories were primary influence for Raffles this relationship would later be reversed | Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman 1917 - YouTube

Raffles the Gentleman Thief continuing radio series by Imagination Theater scripted . December . Former boxer Gentleman Jim Corbett played Raffles who was portrayed American to match his casting

Raffles The Amateur Cracksman E.W. Hornung

A. J. Raffles - WikipediaHarry Bunny Manders edit Main article struggling journalist Watson to Raffles Holmes his partner chronicler. Wells and Irene Adler. Fish Robert L. Raffles the Amateur Cracksman Motion picture. Adaptations edit Film There have been numerous films based Raffles and his adventures including Amateur Cracksman starring J. Over the course of years off and on Perowne produced around short stories some at novella length five novels featuring Raffles

It starred Kyrle Bellew as Raffles young Clara Blandick Gwendolyn . Ruffles versus . a b Rowland Raffles His Creator pages . In and Richard Foreman published series of six Raffles stories collected single volume The Complete Innings. J. The Oxford Companion to American Theatre. J. The novel s second chapter tells story of Holmes pursuit Raffles and his growing affection for daughter. a b c d Hornung E. The Master quickly kills him along with other members of Society. January . They are pulled out of literary world into real help crack safe containing stolen manuscript Shakespeare Cardenio

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The Oxford Companion to American Theatre. Adam Corres authored the novel Raffles and MatchFixing Syndicate modern crime thriller which


  • Bangs also wrote Mrs Raffles in which sidekick Bunny Manders teams up America with the cracksman wife. Greene Graham December

  • The Return of A. Raffles character

    • A b Quinn Anthony November . In the Doctor Who comic strip Character Assassin by Scott Gray Magazine no. In contrast to Conan Doyle Holmes and Watson Raffles Bunny are something dark morally uncertain yet convincingly reassuringly English

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